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Thanks for your interest! Feel free to email or call 864.654.1007 for more information. We look forward to the possibility of working with you!

104 A Fern Circle $825/mth
435 Wellford Dr $825/mth
109 College Heights Blvd $875/mth
123 Hope Dr $875/mth
107 A Fern Circle $925/mth
104 Maria Lane $975/mth
207 Morningside Heights Dr $975/mth
205 Morningside Heights Dr $1,075/mth
111 Briar Lane $1,275/mth
120 Briar Lane $1,275/mth
105 Crestdale Ave $1,275/mth
124 Clemson St $1,300/mth
108 Fabrica St, Unit #1 $1,300/mth
108 Fabrica St, Unit #2 $1,300/mth
105 Old Central Rd (The Cove) $1,300/mth
117 S Elm St $1,300/mth
110 Antique Court $1,350/mth
101 Cochran Rd $1,350/mth
505 Plantation Rd $1,350/mth
200 Brook St $1,400/mth
213 Augusta Rd $1,450/mth
201 Calhoun St $1,450/mth
209 Calhoun St $1,450/mth
100 Gregory St $1,450/mth
200 Hedgerow Lane $1,450/mth
214 Wesley St $1,500/mth
406 Fife Dr $1,575/mth
266 Riggs Dr $1,575/mth
228 Morningside Heights Dr $1,600/mth
107 Grace St $1,625/mth
108 Grace St $1,625/mth
112 Cambridge Dr $1,725/mth
207 Cedar Lane $1,725/mth
122 Clemson St $1,725/mth
123 Freedom Dr $1,725/mth
105 Grace St $1,725/mth
106 Gregory St $1,725/mth
204 Holly Ave $1,725/mth
210 Pendleton Rd $1,725/mth
103 Pressley Dr $1,725/mth
104 Pressley Dr $1,725/mth
107 Riding Rd $1,725/mth
109 Riding Rd $1,725/mth
206 Wesley St $1,725/mth
107 Gregory St $1,800/mth
109 Gregory St $1,800/mth
103 Issaqueena Trail $1,800/mth
100 Pickens St $1,950/mth
198 Payne Ln $2,025/mth
209 Calhoun St $2,100/mth
204 North Clemson Ave $2,100/mth
104 Laverne Ct $2,200/mth
102 College Heights Blvd $2,400/mth
128 College Heights Blvd $2,400/mth
509 Brasstown Ct $2,800/mth
107 Pressley Dr $3,000/mth
104 A Wigington St $3,500/mth
104 B Wigington St $3,500/mth
104 Wigington St $3,500/mth
104 Fern Circle $3,600/mth
220 North Clemson Ave $3,825/mth
107 Fern Circle $4,200/mth
110 Fern Circle $4,200/mth
112 Fern Circle $4,200/mth
114 Fern Circle $4,200/mth
109 Laverne Ct $4,200/mth
113 Laverne Ct $4,200/mth
114 Laverne Ct $4,200/mth
418 Lawrence Rd $4,200/mth

Call (864)654-1007 or email for more information or to make an appointment.