Slann Properties specializing in home rentals to students and faculty at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Rent your next home from us today.
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     Slann Properties Clemson, South Carolina houses for rent, for students, faculty and staff. Rent with Slann Properties and enjoy living large.

How much can I rent my house for?

This mainly depends on the size, the distance to campus, and the overall condition. As a general rule of thumb, we base our prices on about $550/bedroom.

What type of insurance do I need for my rental home?

You will need a Rental Dwelling Policy. This will only cover replacement costs of the structure, not the contents. Talk to your insurance agent about a non-owner occupied insurance policy.

What are some typical maintenance issues?

Leaking faucets and toilets, HVAC issues, and pest control are some of the most common maintenance requests.

How and when do I receive my rent proceeds?

Your rent proceeds will be disbursed to you within 15 business days after the 5th of each month. If that day falls on a weekend or holiday, proceeds will be disbursed on the next available business day.

Where is the security deposit?

By law, the security deposit is held in a special escrow account and is fully refundable to the tenant if the lease is fulfilled and the house is vacated in proper order. We may use a portion of the funds from the security deposit to offset expenses that arise due to tenant negligence, however the deposit does not belong to and will never be refunded to the owner.

I do not want students living in my house; can you manage it for me?

No! We will not discriminate.

What types of property do you manage?

Currently we only manage privately owned residential units and homes.